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Joel W. Simmons is an Associate Professor in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service° and the Department of Government° at Georgetown University°. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan°. His research focuses on the political economy with emphasis in economic growth, social policy,  democracy, and the political economy of gender. His book, The Politics of Technological Progress: Parties, Time Horizons, and Long-term Economic Development°, was published by Cambridge University Press. 


Simmons, Joel W. 2016. The Politics of Technological Progress: Parties, Time Horizons and Long-term Economic Development. Cambridge University Press. (Amazon°)

Simmons, Joel W. Forthcoming. "Corruption and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Second Generation Americans." Comparative Political Studies.

Conrad, Courtenay R., Kanisha D. Bond, Dylan Moses, and Joel W. Simmons. 2022. "Detecting Anomalies in Data on Government Violence" Political Science Research and Methods. 10(3): 634--641.

Simmons, Joel W. 2019. “Does Oil Substitute for Patriarchy?” Economics & Politics. 31(3): 293--322.

Simmons, Joel W. Allen Hicken, Ken Kollman, and Irfan Nooruddin. 2016. “Party System Structure and its Consequences for Foreign Direct Investment.” Party Politics. (PDF°; Blog Post°)

Hicken, Allen, Ken Kollman, and Joel W. Simmons. 2016. “Party System Nationalization and the Provision of Public Health Services.” Political Science Research and Methods. 4(3): 573–594. (PDF°

Simmons, Joel W. 2016. “Natural Resource Wealth and Women’s Economic and Political Power in the U.S. States.” Comparative Political Studies. 49(1): 115–152. (PDF°; Blog Post°)

Nooruddin, Irfan and Joel W. Simmons. 2015. “Do Voters Count? Turnout, Party Competition, and Public Spending in India.” Electoral Studies. 37: 1–14. (PDF°)

Nooruddin, Irfan and Joel W. Simmons. 2009. “Openness, Uncertainty, and Social Spending: Implications for the Globalization - Welfare State Debate.” International Studies Quarterly. 53(3): 841–866. (PDF°) 

Hicken, Allen and Joel W. Simmons. 2008. “The Personal Vote and the Efficacy of Education Spending.” American Journal of Political Science. 52(1): 109–124. (PDF°) 

Nooruddin, Irfan and Joel W. Simmons. 2006. “The Politics of Hard Choices: IMF Programs and Government Spending.” International Organization. 60(Fall): 1001–1033. (PDF°) 

Working Papers

Works in Progress

"Segregated Economies in an Integrated World: The Gendered Consequences of Exchange Rate Movements in Low- and Middle-Income Countries." Conditionally Accepted

"Can Female Legislators Reduce Corruption when Corruption is Self-Reinforcing?" (with Analia Gomez Vidal)  Under Review

"Statistical Discrimination in the Corruption Labor Market."

"The Political Geography of Election Fraud: Theory and Evidence from Honduras" (with Irfan Nooruddin)
"Resource Wealth, Citizen Engagement, and Corruption: Evidence from U.S. States and Counties"
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